Learn to Read Latin & Workbook

Learn to Read Latin is one of the best Latin resources on the market for helping students obtain thorough grammatical knowledge and for offering rapid introduction to and competence with original texts.


Learn to Read Greek

Learn to Read Greek is a text and workbook set published by the same authors as Learn to Read Latin. Like Learn to Read Latin, it is one of the best resources on the market for helping students obtain strong grammatical knowledge of Attic Greek, while also introducing a wide variety of original, unmodified texts written by Greek authors such as Xenophon, Plato, Euripides, etc.


Web Resources

The Latin Library

The Latin Library has many Latin texts available for free online. This is a Latin-only website and you will not find translations.


Perseus Greek/Roman Materials Collection

Perseus has many Greek and Latin texts available for free online. Some texts also have translations available.


Dickenson College Commentaries

The Dickenson College Commentaries provide original Latin and Greek texts along with commentaries, vocabulary notes, and other interactive features, such as maps and videos.


Attic Greek Tutorial

Donald Mastronarde and the UC Berkeley Language Lab created and host this Attic Greek tutorial based on the Mastronarde Textbook. It has lots of great information and practice tools.


Loeb Library

Many of the Classical works published by Loeb have fallen into the Public Domain and many of them have also been digitized. This is a link to a selection of these Loeb edition Classical works. They are bilingual in either Greek/English or Latin/English.



Logeion is an online dictionary for both Greek and Latin. It is also available as an app on Apple devices.


Perseus Word Study Tool

The Perseus Word Study Tool allows you to type in a word, in either Greek or Latin (or Arabic or Old Norse…) and it will provide you with the possibilities for what verb/noun/adj it is from.



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